Missy Miller

Courtney has joined the cast of


at the Westside Theatre

as Missy Miller

Missy Miller is proud to serve as the head of this year’s prom decorations committee. Accomplishments: Choreographer and proud member of the Varsity Song Leaders (Go Chipmunks!), leader of the PTA-Student Friendship committee, founder of the ‘Chipmunks For A Better America’ Highway Beautification Committee, T.A. for Mr. Lee’s 4th Period Choir Class, winner of this year’s ‘Home Ec Sewing Bee,” and columnist for The Chipmunk Chronicle (‘Missy’s Crafty Corner’). Missy also made most of the refreshments for tonight’s prom. She’s honored and just a bit nervous to be nominated for prom queen along with all of her best friends, the Wonderettes. Apricot is her favorite color. And her favorite fruit.

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